Fellow Ode Brew Grinder - Matte Black

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The Ode Brew Grinder is a simple and refined single-purpose tool with the power, precision, and repeatability that you need to ensure that every single drop of your brewed coffee is as delicious as the last.

The needs of a grinder for brewed coffee and espresso are very different. Rather than trying to be a jack of all trades, master of none and grind for every type of extraction, the Ode is entirely focused on grinding beans for brewed coffee and cannot grind for espresso.

An 80 gram single-dose loading capacity, 64 mm professional-grade stainless steel flat burrs, and 31 grind settings allow you to perfectly dial in your ideal grind size for pour-over, french press, drip machines, AeroPress®, cold brew, or any other steeped or filtered extraction method.

A magnetically aligned catch cup prevents spillage and a grinds knocker helps get as much of the grinds out of the burrs to ensure cleanliness.